Writing for Business


Do you find yourself writing more today, rather than less? The reality for most of us in the 21st Century is that we need to write more and more, and are required to produce persuasive and professional documents on a daily basis.

This places a demand on us to master the skills of writing, and to be able to respond quickly, and use multiple media such as email, letter, Twitter, Facebook etc effectively.
This course provides an essential foundation in the skills of writing in today's business world. You will learn how to structure, organize, and use appropriate language to present your emails, letters and memos to achieve maximum impact with your readers.


The content of this course includes:

  • Understanding when to put it in writing
  • Using the 4 Step Business Writing Process
  • Conducting Audience Needs Analysis
  • Techniques for Organizing your Writing
  • Rapid Drafting
  • Revision Techniques and Tools
  • Writing for Your Reader (Tone and Style)
  • Writing Professional Business Emails
  • Writing Professional Business Letters

Suitable For: All Learners

Course Duration: 10 Hours

Course Access Duration: You will have access to this course for 90 days from date of purchase.

Certification: Completion Certificate

Delivery: On-line

Resources: Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets