According to the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard, risk is 'the effect of uncertainty on objectives' The Management of Risk is of critical importance to organisations. Businesses must identify, evaluate, manage and report many types of risk for improved external decision making. Equally, businesses need to employ risk and management and business continuity management best practice to ensure their commercial viability.

In today’s business environment, risk management skills are becoming essential for managers across all levels of the organisation.

In this course, managers, and other professionals tasked with managing risk, will learn the practical skills necessary to perform regular risk assessments, treat and control risks, and introduce best practice risk management into their organization. Participants will learn how to apply a range of essential risk management tools, and how to improve decision making through the use of fact based analysis, and evaluation of risks. In so doing, you will be able to advise on, and make commercial, operational, personnel and other business decisions for which the risks are demonstrably under control.

The content of this course includes:

  • Understanding Risk Management
  • Understanding the Risk Management Process
  • Effective Risk Identification
  • Effective Risk Assessment
  • Understanding Commercial / Economic Risks
  • Understanding Personnel / HSE Risks
  • Understanding operational risks
  • Understand ding Property and Security risks
  • Risk Treatment and Management techniques
  • Risk Control (monitoring and review techniques)
  • Using the ISO 31,000 Risk Management Standards
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment of your Organization

Suitable For: Managers and Professionals who need knowledge of risk management to progress their careers.
Course Duration: 8-12 Hours (You will have access to your course for 90 days from the date of purchase)
Certification: Global Risk Management Certificate
Delivery: On-line
Resources: Learners manual, articles and Excel worksheets.
ILM Equivalence: M4.06 – Managing Risk in the Workplace (3 Credits)